[GUIDE] My way of refining items

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[GUIDE] My way of refining items

Post by Striker on 10.12.09 2:14

This guide is based on my experiences with the game. I have played the game for almost a year now and I have dedicated 5 months of that on how to break the secret of refining. Like you guys, I have searched and read most of the guide there to be about refining and you know what I found? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS REFINE HACK or PERFECT WAY TO REFINE WITHOUTH BREAKING.
Yes, sadly this is the truth. Although most of the people claim that there is a specific equation that explains the refining rate like what it is said in this post;
Try reading Levlu's post. He said that there's some specific refining seed assigned to a player every time he opens a window. It really doesnít make sense to me coz for me it all random.
This other guide is basically the same as the 1st one I posted but the difference is that this guide gives you a more detailed way to check if the refining rate is high or not but as Ive said earlier RANDOMÖhehehe

Anyway, we're done checking out guides so wats left is refining hack programsÖhehehe actually I found one but I wont recommend on checking it out.
With most of the things I mentioned, I concluded only one fact. The fact is that refining success rate is random and thatís about it but the good thing is that im going to share what I did to get +7 and higher items without buying a single intact.

Here's how I did it;

1. The 1st thing to do is to get a specific timeslot to refine. I know it sound weird but I most people claim that there is an specific time where refining success rate is relatively high. So what I did was I tried it though by research was mainly for funÖhehehe
Finally I chose refining early in the morning when most the players are still sleeping.
2. You need 5 sets of the item and 50 pcs of refining phys. Open the refining window and start refining. Get them all to +1, if you lucky enough you'll get the 5 of them +1 then move to getting them to +2. Just refine each and one of them in same cycle and hopefully u could get 3 or 2 +3 depending on the luck. Now, this is the catch. This should be done daily at exact the same time and place. The refining process should not take longer that 1 hour. The every session you should only leave one refined item which is the highest. So the five straight day's u landed onÖlet say 3 +3, 2 +4 and 1 +5 means 5 items in total.

3. The 6th day and final day of refining. So what you do is repeat the same process but this time you have 10 items all in all. Starts with getting those normals to +1, if one fails you refine one of the +3. If itís a success then continue refining the normal ones till you get another failure but if it doesnít then refine the one of the +4 items. Remember if you fail once u refine the lowest refined item(+3) but if you fail in 2 executive times then you refine the highest items( +4 or +5).

Finally in 6th day you'll find out whether this guide worked or not coz for me it did bout 90% success. The timing and the location of refining is a personal choice. Its kinda ritual for me and it doesnít really change anything whatsoever. The point is that most of the players of the game are students so mostly broke. We can barely even buy online ingots so we find ways to get items cheaper. This was design for those who have limited resources that why it'll take 6 days to get your best item.
Lastly being patient is a virtue coz refining is mostly luck.

Rep me if it work for you

P.S. The links above are references which was crucial in constructing my own guide, so if those guides also work for you the credits should go to the poster of that said thread.tnx

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