Heaven Book Tales Quest

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Heaven Book Tales Quest

Post by king123456king on 01.03.10 22:44

-You can get the quest from the Moon Matchmaker in HY City (184,104)
-Get the Heaven Book Tales Quest (yellow quest)
-He's going to ask you to kill 99 Thin Waist Bee which is located at Azure Cloud Map
the mobs are red colored no matter what level you are but the damage is fixed (-1)
-I suggest you kill them using normal attack since it does a lot more damage than using skills
saves you MP too Smile

-After killing them,pass the quest back to Moon Matchmaker and then he will give you the Heaven Book Tales as reward. Pass the corresponding book to the corresponding NPC.

-- Charm of a Singer - Moon Dais Azure Cloud Map
NPC name: Lue Xueqi (403,-195)

-- Daffodils Riverside - near HY Portal, Azure Cloud Map
NPC name: Xuanyuan Master AC (5,-432)
You'll be needing a Flying Sword for this one or you can't talk to the NPC at all,
he's located at the top of the tower. Snuggling and Flying Phylactery won't work too.

-- Peace and Tranquility - Heyang City Map
NPC name: Long`er the Holy Hoe (-242,270)

Rewards :

-50 Taichi Gold Elixir (exp)/50 Taiji Gold Pill (HP pots) (totally random which of the two will you get)
-100 Virtue Incense (super rarity used for donating to your school or clan)
-Book of Enlightenment (you'll get this once you receive the Taiji Gold Pill as reward,as of now there's no
clear explanation what does this book do,just click it)

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