Easy Refining This might help you

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Easy Refining This might help you

Post by king123456king on 01.03.10 22:49

know a lot of ppl are struggling to get a +5 refine, some will buy Intact Jade to make it to +5, which is a total waste of money at current stage. On the other side, you still see ppl using or selling +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 or even +11 items (haven't seen +12 or +13 yet). How did they get that far? you seem to fail at +1 half of the time already, Isn't it insane to achieve +11?

The truth is, refine success rate in this game is not bad. They just worked differently. Mathematically, they used a more complex formula to model the success rate. The formula I don't know. But I can share some tips.


Sometimes the refine success rate is just low, there is nothing you can do, can't even get a +4. Try to avoid such period. And to simply refining in ZhuXian OL, you generate refine success rate by having some 'fail' (either in *imbue or in refine) first, it increases the next success rates.

Here are the Tips:

You aiming to get a 135 +6 or up armor.

Prepare 3-4 wooden staff, few stack of junk phylacteries, refine phylactery. more than 5 white(+0) level 135 armor. Keep imbue a wooden staff. and try to see the current refine success rate from the imbue pattern. E.g. +1 succeed +2 such, +3 fail (so it becomes +0 in imbue) keep going +1 succeed +2 fail. +1 fail +1 succeed. Keep going for 10 or more imbues. With the example above, the refine success rate is bad. I will close the refine window or change realm to get another rate.

Whats a good rate? If you are able to get imbue for more than +4 several times, then its good (don't close refine window, you'll lose the rate). Start refine your level 135 armor. +1 +2 is just luck. refine all those armors to +2 normally you'll get 4/5 or 3/5 armor left with refine+2. PAUSE. get your wooden staff and start imbue again. If you get like 2 imbue fails in a row meaning you'll get a higher succeed rate on your next movement. pull in your armor and refine it. (higher success rate doesn't mean 100% you can still fail and lose your item) But no worry, you have 4 armor all +2. keep trying til you get a success on +3. Then stop, start imbue wooden staff again to get a good success rate. +4 +5 etc.


If you refine with simply trying your white equip 1 by 1, that tells me you are still noob in refining. You can still get success to +9 or higher by doing that. but I tell ya, 99.99% of you will get nothing. Only refine when you can afford too. break you last equip and leave yourself with nothing to wear is quite depressing.

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