Ascension quest

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Ascension quest

Post by king123456king on 01.03.10 22:57

Before Taisung the Tao will descend and grant the world the knowledge he possesses, you must first do the bidding of Celestial Tai within the Crystal Hall of azure cloud (120, 110)

Defeat 20 Celestail Vanguards in Sura, near the Djinn Palace (-314, 308)

Upon completion of the quest, you will receive 50 Taichi Pills and 100 Affinity Beads. You may obtain the quest once per day.

Once the quest has been completed a total of 1000 times (combined total of all players on the server), Taisung the Tao will appear in Azure Cloud (140, 112).

The Elder of Arcaneness, located atop the spire at the Southern Border of Azure Cloud (6, -432) will instruct you in your efforts to achieve immortality.


* Ascending will return your character to Level 15
* All quests, other than the main Mandatory storyline, will be reset
* All Skill and Tome Points will be reset
* You will be removed from your Faction
* Though you will retain your items and gear, you cannot equip items which you do not meet the LV or Tier requirement of.

Take your old, unused Gear to the Bloodbond Master in the Southern Border.

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