ZX Ingot Trading the Proper GUIDE

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ZX Ingot Trading the Proper GUIDE

Post by king123456king on 01.03.10 23:00

1. Go to Banker Jin Mancang @ He Yang City

2. Select Inggot Trade, a window named "inggot trade entrustment" should appear, Select Deposit on the lower right of that window

3. Click the two "Max" buttons that appears in a small window to deposit your money in your inventory.

4. If your going to buy inggots click the "Buy inggots" button. After that click the boxes on the right of the "Unit Price" title

5. A window should appear named "Amount", heres the tough part you need to base the number your going to input thru the "Inggot unit price" the picture below shows that the cheapest gold that you can purchase is 1gold and 35 silver. Input that to the "Amount" window then click Confirm.

6. Once youve clicked Confirm, youll be back at the "ingot trade entrustment" window, input the amount of gold your going to purchase beside the "Buy Ingots" title, Then click the "Transact" button.

7. After clicking "Transact" button press "Refresh" button found on the lower left of the "ingot trade entrustment" window. After seeing the gold that you purchased repeat step 3 but instead of pressing "Deposit" press "Withdraw".

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Re: ZX Ingot Trading the Proper GUIDE

Post by angels4cat on 20.03.10 2:04

Really helpful, but more helpful if screen shot is included..



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