[ Guide ] Dead Swamp Vermillion Quest

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[ Guide ] Dead Swamp Vermillion Quest

Post by hudas087 on 16.05.09 11:54

Hi folks!! hehe

Dead Swamp Vermillion Quest

Galaxy Challenge Event - Wed, Thurs and Sat 8.30pm to 10.30pm
Sat will start at 8.35pm to 10.35pm
This is for level 60 and above, the NPC is located here:

Just follow the stairs up near the tailor there and follow the bridge to your right.

Here the map for the possible locations it will be at:

1st boss's location:
Near to the left of the Dawang village and above it, where they is a lot of Dead Swamp Giant Crocodile and Dead Swamp Lonely Soul

2nd boss's location:
Inside Demon Hillock, Near the outside of Demon Hillock and below the village

3rd boss's location:
Venomous Ant Nest, it is seldom seen on the top circled area of the path to Heaven Sound, but i managed to encounter one over there.

4th boss's location:
Thats where the Dead Swamp Wild Ghost are, be careful cos they are aggro XD, make sure the pty have a AC to aoe those mobs, clear them while the rest hit on the boss. Remember to check the spot near the peach flower valley water ridge

5th boss's location:
Longevity Hall Relic, to the left side, there is like a platform place over there, sometimes the boss will appear below of it, do check it out

And remember, don't hit the wrong boss! As the 7th and 5th bosses are near to each other, check their name!

6th boss's location:
I heard people say the 6th boss do appear in outer swamp too, but after doing it for a few times, i think it appeared in inner swamp even more. It is around the inside of the circled area.

7th boss's location:
It is in the west side of the village just below the outer swamp. It can also be within the Longevity Hall Relic, just check around

Tips for the galaxy challenge:

- If there are two teams in one channel, make sure you are able to get the first boss to have a head start of the whole event. If not you will have to switch channels to find the first boss, as everything have to be killed in an order no matter what.

- Bring sufficient hp and mana pots to spam your skills at the bosses -> Kill quick and go for the next (highest chance to get to do more rounds)

- If there is like for example, three guys and three girls in a party, the guys can embrace the females using mounts to transport faster and save more time for the next boss.

- Don't hand in after you finish ur first round, just keep doing after every round completed. You are able to hand it in to the Constellation Challenge Manager after 10.30pm, so dont worry..

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Re: [ Guide ] Dead Swamp Vermillion Quest

Post by giveme on 18.05.09 0:44

thanks for the guide! very usefull for me since i didnt do some quest yet!
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Re: [ Guide ] Dead Swamp Vermillion Quest

Post by Guest on 20.05.09 5:55

wew now I'm lvl 60 I hav use for this guide

thx!! ^^

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Re: [ Guide ] Dead Swamp Vermillion Quest

Post by weirdo on 26.02.10 10:39

ilan po ang EXP dito?... hirap po kc pag walang party. Crying or Very sad
sana tulungan nyo po ako.. hek snickering

kaya sa torrent na muna ako. hehe 2 or 3 times pag my swerte..
nkaka 3m. pede na..

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Re: [ Guide ] Dead Swamp Vermillion Quest

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